Wednesday, 1 May 2013



CloudOn Inc


Available on iOS and Android

Another Office tool however it fills the gap of providing MSOffice like functionality (particularly the toolbar which very similar to MS Office applications) onto your mobile device in the absence of MS Office app.   Plus you can sync the device with Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box and DropBox, open, edit and save to the drives documents. 

The MS Office like functionality is much welcomed;
  1. it reduces the learning curve for users
  2. increases the user  ability to produces documents with polish on mobile devices
  3. increase the user ability to polish Google docs stored on Google Drive

In addition the app opens Open Office documents, a preferred application for word processing by tech' students, but consequently cannot be opened and read by their tutor when digitally submitted on the Institutional desktop or typically on their mobile devices.   Resulting in a delay in providing feedback as; the tutor bounces the document back; askes the student to export the document to a more accessible format; the tutor requires a format that can be opened in applications available to the tutor.   For a change I can open the document in CloudOn, subsequently read, edit, feedback, store and share the document on Google Drive (as at my employer's institution we provide every student with a Google account).  
CloudOn provides the opportunity for academics to increase our efficiency in feeding back to students, but also increases the ease of access of providing feedback.   The CloudOn technology is enhancing the learning process rather than hindering as making it;
  • easier
  • more accessible
  • more intuitive
  • more efficient

However again you are signing up to a Cloud service, which is not designed for under 18 year old and currently free.   Like all Cloud services their conditions subject to change, for example privacy policy.