Sunday, 18 October 2015


RefMe Ltd

Available on iOS, Android

A perfect student tool to support student's ability to easily reference literature sources, including those text books purchased or burrowed from the University Library.  The app is the perfect study tool for capturing literature sources into a reference format; the app can accommodate books, journal articles, web pages, videos, newspapers, artwork, legislation and images.   In the case of hard-copy of books, newspapers and journals the app uses the mobile device camera to enable students to capture a sources bar-code and converts the information into a reference format. The app supports 7,500 different reference styles, including Harvard, APA and MLA.   The app could not be simpler, a valuable study tool as ensures and assists students in preparing their citations and referencing in the correct format in their coursework. The tool also supports exporting into numerous popular reference management tools for example Endnote, Mendeley, RefWorks, etc.   This app every student should install and use.