Friday, 29 March 2013

DocuSign Ink

DocuSign Ink
By Docusign Inc
Available on iOS and Android
An app you can configure;
  • your signature;
  • signatures from others;
  • your identity associated with signature. 
The aim of the app is to make your signature more secure and verifiable for the end user, as embeds your identity information in association with your signature, i.e. photo, company and title, email, address and phone number.  As often these days’ forms ask for your signature and your employers official stamp in order to provide valid evidence of of the signature to the recipient.
The app can open most word processed documents and PDFs requiring to be completed and signed.   Forms questions can be completed, by using the text box functionality provided,  as well as being able to enter your configured validated signature in the designated section of the form. 
My primary use of this app is to provide sign temp’ employee timesheets, and references, the latter I complete at least two references a week for my students, as I am very rarely at my desk, this app enables me the opportunity to provide references on the go, particularly as I can access student records remotely as well.   The advantage of this app over Notability is that the app can provide a verifiable signature, as employers increasingly asking for references to be company stamped
Simple app, but one can that can make life much easier both for academic and your student through supplying references in timely fashion to employers.   As it should be noted they employers increasingly expect references to be returned ASAP, if we delay this may be a factor that might affect a job offer being made to our students, in the  long term this will affect our establishment employment statistics.

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