Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Final Countdown

Final Countdown
By Thangbom
Available for Android
An app recommended by my students that assists them to manage their assessment deadlines, (Nortcliffe and Middleton, 2013) for the following reasons;
“Makes countdown [to assessment easier], I always turn to Student D for hand in time I rely on him to tell me down to the last second” student D
“Shows you in the app and home screen [of the phone], shows you how long you have got left” student E
As the app sids the students no to lose track when assessments are due in, provides the user with information of important deadlines on the phone homepage.  Also users can configure the app to supply a regular notification to user as reminder when assessment submission deadlines are approaching.   This functionality is not provided by most calendar app, useful where you do need regular reminders in advance of encroaching deadlines, particularly those set months in advance, typically occurring with semester and year-long assessments, though students are continually working on the assessment the actual date and time of submission gets lost in the mist of time.   Countdowns can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.
App that I would encourage students to use and program in my first lectures, as this is when I release my assessments and  all the deadline dates for my assessment submission.   Students need to be aware three submission dates as few that occur throughout the year.
Nortcliffe, A.  and Middlleton, A. (2013) The innovative use of personal smart devices by students to support their learning, In Increasing Student Engagement and Retention using Mobile Applications: Smartphones, Skype and Texting Technologies, (Eds) Wankel, L. and Blessinger, P. (eds), (Cutting Edge Technologies in Higher Education). 175-210, 2013, Emerald, Bingley, UK

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