Wednesday, 27 March 2013

How to Get a Job Interview

How to Get a Job Interview
by Docstoc Inc
Available for iOS mobile platform
Provides  a library of videos and resources ;
·         to prepare your CV/application to gain an interview;
·         how to prepare for an interview; 
·         how to make positive impact in the interview;
·         post interview the follow up;
·         negotiation of salary.
Though note the latter will become an issue as for users who have progressed their career, but for users  at the start of their career salaries are often pre-fixed particularly for placements, i.e. it is what the employer can afford.  
In addition the app provides HR tools resources which will gives the user an insight into HR tools used by interviewers in interviews typically used today; the interview and evaluation matrix form.
To be noted that the providers of the resources are American, so American phraseology is used in some of the resources will need interpreting, however many learning principles are very applicable as are western recruitment processes that are adopted by UK, and European companies as well as American.  Resource I strongly recommend as tool to my students, one they should download and use in readiness for an interview.

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