Friday, 22 March 2013

Genius Scan

Genius Scan
By The Grizzly Labs
Free on iOS and 89p on Android
Available for Android and iOS mobile platforms
As we no longer have scanners readily accessible to academic staff,  I am employed at an institution with a large campus, scanners not in location near our office.   The scanners have been supposedly replaced with advance photocopies which we have easy, however these photocopies regularly defeat all of us in the office in just doing the basic functionality of photocopying notes.   Therefore Genius Scan has been welcomed app by all us in the office when we want to scan received hard copies of documents requesting to be completed by hand, signed, and stamped and to sent back as fast as possible, i.e. email.   Typically these documents are copyright permission request documents from publishers and reference requests from employers for our students.  
However, occasionally I come across a hard copy article in journal or book which I wish to share with colleagues or students.   Adhering to the University CLA license, Genius Scan enables me to quickly scan a document and pass it on electronically to colleagues and students.  Replaces the photocopying an article and passing it on with post-it-note saying saw this and thought of you. 
Genius Scan operates similar to the desktop scanning software provides the user with post scan functionality of detecting a page, correcting an image perspective and image processing.   You can append scans to one another to build up a document.   The document can be saved as PDF or JPEG emailed, printed or transferred to variety cloud operations, for example Dropbox, Evernote to Google Drive etc.   Another app I would not wish to lose.

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