Thursday, 4 April 2013


By Any.Do
Available on iOS and Android, Web 5.0
An app that is popular with my students for organising their assessment world, as one student highlighted:
“Quicker than calendar App, calendar app as requires lot more more info'.”
It is a task list app, where tasks can be entered by speech (speech recognition is excellent, no training) or type, allocate the deadline date, time and to a folder.   Also, you can assign a task to a location alert for when you arrive or depart a location, however to gain this feature unfortunately you need to invite a number of colleagues or friends to consider using the app.   
Once a task item is set, you can;
·         add further notes via speech or type;
·         set as important or note;
·         email share. 
The latter is useful for group tasks and assessment, ensuring everyone is clear of deadlines.   You can snooze the alarms for an hour, reset for following day or new date and time.   In addition sync with Chrome on your desktop.   However, with sale of tablets to exceed desktops this year in the UK,[1], the latter functionality will become surplus to the alarm requirements.   Useful tool for organising your personal and work life.

[1] Ahmed, M. (2013) Tablet computers swallow desktop, The Times, 28th March 2013, last accessed 2nd April 2013 at

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