Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Free or however to gain full functionality £1.49
iOS and Android OS platforms
This is not the standard dictionary supplied by the mobile phone OS provider, but an additional app that you can download for free or £1.49 version with additional features.
The app provides the user with the ability to search for spelling of a word by typing in part of a word and presents the user with a list of words to choose from or the user can speak the word, and the dictionary spells the word.
Once the user has the desired word the user is presented with;
·       Comprehensive list of the meaning of word
·       Visual display of the Synonyms (Synonyms displayed in blue are words in dictionary app that can be clicked on to find the definition of that synonym)
·       Sample sentences of the word being used in context (feature of paid version)
·       Different definitions of words and its orgins
·       The ability to have the word read out to the user
·       The ability to share on the social media; twitter, Facebook

As a dyslexic member of staff, the app simplifies a task that once could be described tall order for a disabled member of staff.  The app enables you to search for a word without having to know how to spell a word in the first place through voice, the results style enables the user to hear the word, see how to use the word in context, as well as its origins.  Thus ensuring the user has the right word, but also uses the word appropriately.  

In terms of education, any educationist tries to encourage their students to expand their vocabulary whether they are engineers or historians.   This app I whole heartily recommend to my first and second year students, particularly in relation in preparing their CVs or writing job application forms.  

The only feature that is missing from Spring 2013 app version is the visual tool provided in the web based application available through wed browser, where synonyms are illustrated using spider display.  Personally I prefer this visual display as it helps me to identify the synonym spelling I am seeking, as dyslexic it is quicker to spell the word you know to ascertain synonyms to then identify the word you are actually seeking.   In the app you can still click synonym for the meaning and example sentences. 


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