Saturday, 6 April 2013

MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator
By Vision Objects
Available Android OS from 2.1 to 4.1, iOS 6
The app is currently featured on the UK iPhone advert, one I discovered before Christmas.  A handwriting recognition calculator, app that enables the user to handwrite your mathematical expression in the app, the app recognizes your mathematical expression and calculates the result.  The MyScript Calculator is able to process all basic mathematical operations +,-, ÷,×, ±, 1/x, %, √, x!, |X|, to power, exponentials, natural logs, logs, trigonometry and inverse trigonometry, brackets whole or parts of an expressions, and constants π, ℮, φ.   You can erase out part or all of the expression and undo.  
MyScript Calculator can only solve expression s for one unknown variable, so you cannot express multivariable expressions of x and y variables.   However, if you have values for all variables except  one you can use the app to calculate the output of an expression and check that output is realistic for the all the other variable values/settings.   The app enables users to digitalise their working out of mathematical expressions, check their understanding of the mathematics and the output of derivatives.   I have recommended this app to my students, who were impressed when I demonstrated it’s potential.
The app provides users with the visual element of the mathematical calculations, oppose to the black box experience of using an ordinary calculator of punching in numbers, operations and the calculator spewing out an output.   My Script Calculator enables the user to check they have entered the right expression and their understanding of the output derived by the calculator, plus quicker than using conventional calculator.  
In teaching context the app can be projected onto the white board or apple TV.   In class the app can be used to show to learners the whole expression and subsequent computed result and enabling you to explain the sequence of the operations that have occurred.   Visualizing  for the learner the theoretical concepts of the whole approach, instead of the black box operational approach of number crunching in a number calculator, supporting pedagogy approach opposing to hindering. 

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