Monday, 22 April 2013



by Big Nerd Ranch

eclicker Presenter (tutor version of app) £10.49, eclicker audience (student version of app) free

available on iOS

eClicker is another audience clicker response app for tutors and students.   However there are number of issues that would inhibit the app adoption:

·       only operates only on apple proprietary systems, Mac/iPad/iPhone, therefore ideal for schools who have introduced app TV, iPads for every member of staff and student

·       staff and students in HE are tending to use their own smart devices, not necessarily on the iOS

·       price of the teacher’s app, though the learners app is free , as most staff use their own devices, more unlikely to invest in such an app for work

·       Socrative’s teacher and student apps are free. 

However the eClicker has additional functionality to that of Socrative:

·       The tutor can upload or draw multiply images for each answer of a multiple choice question (MCQ). 

·       The tutor can host securely on their Mac/iPad/iPhone a private eClicker WiFi network and over which students will be required to respond to questions using their iOS mobile device.  Advantageous as only the students in the room can respond to the questions, therefore you can gauge student in class engagement and attendance.

·       The tutor can host the quiz on a Mac/iPad/iPhone, but type of device limit size of class room 128/64/332 respectively for Mac/iPad/iPhone.

·       The tutor can share the quiz over the web by sharing the quiz numbered URL, but if need to enter by hand it is not easy to enter correctly; sharing a URL electronically QRCode on board would be easier.   URL quiz opens the opportunity for distance learners’ engagement.

For myself and the institution I work within, eClickers practicalities would prevent its adoption, as the majority of my students have mobiles devices on the android OS [1], however a friend who is a Head Teacher of an 11-18 education academy, has just introduced;

·         app TV into each classroom

·         iPads to every staff member

·         iPad mini to each student

Here the eClicker has potential as operating in solely iOS environment, maximum class size of 30 using and lends itself to creating eClick private networks for class interactive quizzes.


[1] Woodcock, B.  Armstrong, M., Nortcliffe, A. and Middleton, A. (2012) Smart-device potential for student learning”, Mobile Monday Manchester: Mobile Education Event, Manchester, UK, 12th November 2012, last accessed 22nd April 2013 at